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Challenges in Historic Preservation

Challenges in Historic Preservation

Author: Grace Padua;

Saving historic building is challenging. The project will involve restoration and repair that requires a right approach taking into consideration the historical, cultural and architectural significance of the building. Most of the buildings that were built long time ago have rich architectural features with a unique layout and design details that cannot be found now in modern homes or premises. Old buildings has a lot of story to tell and the history wrapping it goes with the authenticity of the building structure which means, if the building structure is changed or not preserved, the value of history will be lost.

According to NYC Landmark Preservation Commission, there are sets of rules to follow in performing historical building preservation. Anyone who is doing the delicate project should adhere to these rules which were set by the Commission effective January 22, 2019. The rules of the NYC LPC Title 63 can be found here.

Saving a historic building is rigorous. When a building is first built, it serves a dedicated purpose, over the course of time, this building might have a renewed purpose rescuing it from being torn down . This requires application for work permits, approval of master plans and authorizations to proceed, as well as summonses or court hearings for new applications. Besides the documentation, the work on the repair, restore, and re-create building facades as well as recall of the historic exterior architectural elements shall be reviewed by LPC.  Moreover, The approach should preserve the historical designs and architectural elements as genuinely as possible applying sympathetic engineering onto the design, materiality and improvements on the building features.


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