building facade service


At NYCER, we provide a proven systematic approach to identifying exterior deterioration, structural damage, and waterproofing work that needs to be done. For historic and landmark preservation we will examine the structural integrity and determine the feasibility for restoring or replacing terra-cotta, windows, terraces, doors, balconies, roof, and much more.

Our expert staff is well versed in handling façade restoration projects for clients of all sizes, including public, private, coop, condominium, commercial, residential, and institutional building projects.

We conduct all of the necessary tests and analysis to pin-point the root of the damage and develop a work and repair plan to completely mitigate and correct the defects. Our professional engineering and architectural design staff can assist with:

  • Preparing cost estimates;
  • Developing bidding and work documents;
  • Selecting a reputable and cost-effective contractor;
  • Coordinating plan and permit filings;
  • Construction project oversight and management; and
  • Submitting necessary reports to state agencies – on time, within budget, with the highest level of professionalism.
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