Local Law 11/98 Facade Fisp Inspection


Passed in 1997, this law requires that building owners and managers of all structures 6 stories or taller undergo periodic inspects and file the inspection report with the Department of Buildings. This inspection has to be completed by a New York State licensed professional engineer of architecture. In 1998, this law was amended to include the inspection of façades every five years.

At NYCER, we assist clients in complying with Local Law 11/98 Façade by providing:

  • Thorough inspection of the façade from street level, fire escape, and/or scaffold platform
  • Identification and evaluation of any existing defects, leaks, or waterproofing
  • A detailed and prioritized list that outlines the repair work based on urgency
  • Completed plans and documents for the required filing with the Department of Buildings
  • Cost estimates for any required repairs and/or maintenance program fees
  • Assistance with preparing bidding documents, and reviewing/evaluating submitted bids for work
  • Selection advice for clients to choose the right contractor and develop an appropriate schedule of work
  • Construction management and oversight of recommended repairs and maintenance programs

Here is the current 8th Cycle Filing Window for reference.

Facade Inspection Cycle
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