Geotechnology – Soil Boring/Drilling Services
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In order to successfully determine the proper use of land and to protect environment, it’s very important to conduct soil sustainability testing. It provides key information related to the type of support or load the soil can accommodate, the depth of the footing, and if the soil can receive and treat septic effluent.

With our company-owned drilling machines and full service soil testing laboratory, we are equipped to provide drilling, boring, soil sampling, ground water sampling, soil compaction tests and other related services.

We offer a host of soil boring and drilling services including:

  • Septic Sustainability
  • Basement Sustainability
  • Intensive Soil Survey
  • Land Application and Feasibility Studies
  • Hydraulic Soil Investigation
  • Geotechnical, Marine/Sediment Borings
  • Percolation Tests
  • Drywell Test Borings
  • Tank Removal and Remediation
  • Asphalt and Concrete coring
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